Hotel Nauvoo

Historic Inn & Restaurant

1290 Mulholland Street
Nauvoo, IL 62354
(217) 453-2211


For well over 70 years, you have been friends, and you have been family. Our hearts continue to go out to you and your loved ones as the world responds to the continuing pandemic. Illinois restaurants remain under operating restrictions. For your safety, our dining rooms remain temporarily closed, but overnight rooms in our historic inn remain open all year.

We are hopeful that restaurants will be allowed to return safely to normal operations later in 2021. When they are, you will be impressed, and we will be humbled to once again have you as our valued guest. Stay safe. We will get through this together.

The Kraus Family

Nauvoo Historic Museums

Nauvoo and its surrounding area has a rich and interesting history. The Weld House and the Rheinberger Museum, operated by the Nauvoo Historical Society, and the Icarian Living History Museum offer a distinct glimpse into Nauvoo's storied timeline. All three museums are within one mile of Hotel Nauvoo and make a wonderful walking tour to help work up an appetite for our legendary buffet.

Baxter's Vineyards

Baxter's Vineyards, Illinois's oldest winery, is a small family owned winery in Nauvoo, Illinois. Established in 1857 by Emile Baxter, the winery continues in his family and provides a unique look at the winemaking in the past and present. Baxter's Vineyards offers free wine tasting and self-guided winery tours daily; a treat for wine connoisseurs and amatuers alike. The Hotel Nauvoo is within walking distance of Baxter's Vineyards.

Nauvoo State Park

The Nauvoo State Park offers camping, fishing, and hiking to visitors. The shelter house and picnic area next to the playground provide an outdoor environment for families and nature lovers. The Nauvoo State Park hosts the Nauvoo Grape Festival yearly. This includes the Grape Festival Pageant depicting Nauvoo's story and the traditional Wedding of the Wine and the Cheese on the State Park's sod stage, as well as one of the largest antique car shows in the Midwest. Parades, flea markets, rides and attractions, entertainment tents and special events make for a great Labor Day getaway. Beautiful fall colors abound on the hiking trails and in the winter there is sledding and cross country skiing along the slopes of the Lake Horton dam. The Rheinberger House Museum with its historic vineyard, is also located in the State Park. The Hotel Nauvoo is a short walk from the Nauvoo State Park.

Nauvoo Temple

The Nauvoo Temple was the second temple to be completed by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now, in the place where that original temple stood, the Mormon Church has built a temple whose exterior is a replica of the first temple. The Hotel Nauvoo is right down the street, only a block away, from the Nauvoo Temple.

Nauvoo Restoration

The Nauvoo Restoration is an outdoor exhibit of life since the 1800's, including the newly rebuilt Nauvoo Temple and Nauvoo's many other beautifully restored homes and sites. Visitors can explore more nearly fifty authentically reconstructed historic homes and businesses of early Mormon leaders and craftsmen. Allow yourself to be drawn into the pioneer experience while viewing brickmaking, gunsmithing, wheelmaking, household chores and many others demonstrations. All sites are free of charge. The Hotel Nauvoo is within walking distance of the Nauvoo Restoration.

For more information on area attractions, activities, and events, please visit the Nauvoo Tourism Office.